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Audit and Assurance

“Auditing is an evaluation of a Person, Organization, Systems, Process, Enterprise, Project or Product”

Over the years, we are regarded as one of the leading audit firms in Singapore, offering a wide range of audit and assurance related services like,

  • Audit of diversified type of Institutions
  • Concurrent audit of Banking and Insurance companies
  • Stocks/Receivable/Special audits
  • Special Investigations
  • Compliance auditing
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation

Our audit approach uses the standardized templates on audit programme prescribed by ICPAS, conducts diagnostic study about the client’s financial metrics with suitable analytical reviews as we are concerned about various stake holder’s expectations. Hence, with depth, insight and commitment, the audit reviews are conducted to bring our suitable Management Letters to enhance the financial health of our clients.
Leveraging on our independent audit approach, we focus our expertise with financial intelligence not only on certifying a ‘true and fair’ financials of a company but further go beyond on the internal control systems for mitigating any eventual risks thereby emphasizing a neat corporate governance for our clients.
Our audit team is fully equipped with the requisite qualification, experience and appropriate state of the art technology like Document Management System to access the data relating to a particular client instantly in real time for taking informed decisions and timely delivery

Please contact for your auditing related services:

Email: soma@nra.com.sg

Mr.D.Govindaraj CPA
Email:  govind@nra.com.sg

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