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Why Do You need a CPA?

There are lots of good reasons to utilize the services of a qualified CPA. The first is that Certified Public Accountants have only one thing on their minds: How can we achieve the greatest tax savings for our clients?  A good CPA spends the time required to keep up with our Government's constant changes in the tax other statues. Every year both the governments seem to find something to change and every year these changes will impact on what you keep and what you hand over to the IRAS. A dedicated CPA studies these changes and determines how they will impact different clients. Sometimes these changes will have no effect on one person but a serious, negative effect on another.  A good CPA knows the difference and knows when to sound the alarm.

CPAs are also trained and certified to know what "creative accounting" is and what is outright illegal. While it may seem perfectly reasonable to you that an expense is a valid deduction, the IRAS may have a different perspective. Once again, a good CPA knows the difference. CPAs also know the right questions to ask to help you plan for the future.

The point is that you need help and guidance in order to achieve your goals and that comes in the form of a Certified Public Accountant. The money you spend will be repaid many times over and in peace of mind.